How to make a reservation - What information should I enter in the search engine?
You must enter the destination name or city where you want to travel not the country, such as, Miami, Rome, Paris, etc. To select a date, simply click on the box or field for the arrival and departure and the calendar automatically appears for you to select the day and the month you wish to book. The number of rooms, adults and children are conditioned in the fields for each specific category, with predetermined amounts, and age of children, which is mandatory if applicable.

- How do I select the hotel?
Once you have entered all the parameters in the search engine, click on "Search" and the search engine automatically does the work for you by selecting the best deals and best prices in the destination; this may take a few seconds. Then it will appear on the computer a list of hotels with room types, as well as the price per night for each room type. For more information about the hotel you select, click on the photo or name of the hotel and a page with all the features of the hotel such as map location, panoramic view of the aircraft as well as prices will show. If you think this is the hotel you want, simply click the desired price and proceed to the payment page to continue with the reservation.

- Are the hotel prices up to date?
Yes, the prices shown are updated and as a rule is the price you will pay for your reservation, however, there could be some variation in the price due to last minute changes by service providers (hotels, airlines, etc.) which have not been updated in the system or any other problems generated by software issues, of which Summitour is not responsible, see the terms of use, but this may happen only on a casual basis and as something extraordinary. If it happens, you will be able to pay the difference or cancel the reservation without charge.

What do the rooms shaded in blue and the icons behind the prices means?
The rooms shaded in blue in each hotel displayed after the search are rooms subject to special prices or discounts in the price of the room or some of the services or products offered within the hotel. Some examples of icons that identify or discounts, are as follows. These rooms have an icon that refers to the type of special offer

- When I make a reservation, should I wait some time to receive a confirmation?
No, all reservations on our website unless otherwise noted, are in real time and with immediate confirmation. By the time you make a reservation, our system automatically generates a voucher, with the reservation confirmation number, hotel information with reservation details, and cancellation policies of each hotel in specific. This document is sent to you immediately via email. Therefore, we ask that you enter correctly your e-mail address, in the booking form.

- If I enter a wrong email address. What happens to my reservation?
Normally you should receive an email that is generated automatically once payment is made and it has been verified that the balance of the reservation has been debited correctly from your credit card. This process usually takes seconds. If you notice that after a few hours you have not received confirmation via e-mail, contact us to our email address: info@summitour.com or by telephone: 1-855-788-4253 (toll free), and we will send your documentation immediately.

Protection of personal data and payment security

How secure and safe is to pay on-line or register on the website?
Our payment gateway and our forms of personal information are properly protected with a high data encryption technology to ensure that all your transactions are safe. Also our method of data encryption SSL, is certified and guaranteed by a competent entity by the name of Network Solution. You will be paying on a site with high security and protection, our servers have a high protection against hackers using technology SITE SHIELDED. However, you should know that even if Summitour takes all necessary measures for your safety and to safeguard your privacy, the protection is not absolute and could be breached at some point. For more information on privacy see our "Privacy Policy".

- What is data encryption?
The data encryption process works as follows: the information you have entered is take and it’s converted into code bits that are transferred using secure protocols over the Internet. These data are disjointed and cannot be read as the information travels over the web. Once your encrypted personal information is welcome on our secure servers, then translated back into its original form and stored in our database off-line

- Does Summitour stores information about credit cards?
No, Summitour does not store your credit card information, therefore whenever you access our website to make a new reservation you must re-enter your credit card information

- What should I do if I realize that my information is being misused?
You should contact

Documentation and information needed for my trip

- What documents should I bring on my trip?
You must take your Voucher, or electronic ticket sent to you via e-mail immediately after making your reservation, which contains the confirmation number and your locator number, as well as personal identification document (ID or driver's license ), and in case of travel abroad, your valid passport. We recommend you find more information regarding customs requirements before you travel

- How I can get more information on travel regulations, health policies, and other traveler’s resources?
If you have more questions you can get more information on the traveler's tools page on our website or visit the links provided below.

Websites of U.S. Embassies, Consulates, and Diplomatic Missions

Web Sites of Foreign Embassies in the U.S.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

U.S. Customs and Border Protection


Advantages of registering with Summitour

- Why should I register on Summitour.com?
Registration is optional, you can sign up for special offers, discounts and other privileges that apply only to members. You can also suspend the membership at any time. About cancellations

- May I change or cancel my hotel reservation?
Yes, you can cancel or change your hotel reservation. Summitour does not charge any cancellation fee, but the hotels may. You should pay particular attention to the cancellation policies of the hotels, which are independent from those of Summitour. Hotels may apply cancellation charges depending on the circumstances in which the cancellation is made and the policies established by each hotel facility. We suggest you check hotel cancellation policies that are in the booking page on our website at the time of booking and prior to payment, or the voucher received after the reservation. For hotel cancellation and other tourist service or product fill out the form found on the Contact link, located on the bottom menu of our website.

- Can I cancel my activity reservation?
Yes, the activities can be cancel or changed in some cases without charge. Some activities will refund the total amount, others will charge a termination fee and others will be non-refundable. Please review the cancellation policies for each activity found in the booking page.

- I am able to cancel my car booking?
Yes, you can cancel your reservation on the page of "Car Rental" on the "Cancel Reservation" box. Be sure to check cancellation policies that are in this same link specially if you made a deposit for your reservation.

Other questions about my trip

- Is carry-on luggage allowed on flights?
Yes, although most airlines are limited to one (1) carry-on bag plus one (1) additional personal item such as a handbag, briefcase or laptop. This limit applies to passengers boarding all flights departing from U.S. airports, both domestic and international destinations. Exceptions can be made for passengers with special needs or frequent fliers with elite status (VIP). Toddlers and babies can be transported in portable seats / baby chairs, provided it complies with federal requirements.

- Is there an additional fee for additional luggage?
Many airlines will charge for additional luggage. The baggage check policies vary by airline, destination, frequent flyer status, booking class and size and luggage weight. There will be extra costs when you carry a bag or sports equipment or an item of irregular shape or when the weight exceeds airline approved weight. See the following link "Baggage" or bureau of the airline for details.