It is Time to Release Stress with Safety and Social Responsibility.

One of the negative effects directly associated with the measures implemented to mitigate the COVID 19 pandemic, is the stress due to the level of confinement that has been experienced in recent months. Mental health experts agree on how harmful confinement is in adults since it has been possible to observe a greater risk of emotional disorders, depressive symptoms, irritability, and stress in them, but especially, it is the youngest children which in some cases has caused them acute stress.

According to specialists from the Medical College of Pediatrics in Spain, “quarantine is a necessary preventive measure during epidemics related to some important diseases, but it can have a broad and substantial negative psychological impact on the exposed population. This suggests the need to integrate effective measures to mitigate this impact as part of its planning process”.

As restrictions become more flexible, it is important to start taking responsible actions to reverse the effects of this confinement. These actions may be subject to the performance of outdoor activities, or in closed spaces, where it has been authorized by the authorities, but always following the recommendations of the experts. It must be considered that regardless of the measures taken by institutions, companies, or governments, as individuals, each person must be responsible for their actions.

In the tourism industry, which has been hard hit by this pandemic, transport and hotel companies have been adapting quickly and safely to the new reality that is being experienced. In the Dominican Republic, for example, the government of that country has implemented a series of measures that are proving very effective to reverse to some extent the impact of the pandemic on the hotel and tourism sector in general. The following link refers to these measures or protocols that have been implemented in the country:

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